Neuroelectrics Raises $17.5M to Advance Clinical Trials for the Treatment of Epilepsy and Major Depressive Disorder

Giulio Ruffini

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & BARCELONA, Spain– Neuroelectrics, a pioneer in brain stimulation technologies and therapies, has raised $17.5M in a Series A financing led by Morningside Ventures. The funds will be used to further develop Neuroelectrics’ non-invasive transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) therapeutic platform and to advance clinical trials in refractory focal epilepsy and at-home treatment of refractory depression.

“Neuroelectrics is developing a platform that builds upon the brain’s natural electrical properties to both understand and treat neurological dysfunction. Our goal is to offer a safe, non-invasive option that benefits those for whom effective treatments are unavailable,” said Ana Maiques, co-founder and CEO of Neuroelectrics. “Our investors share this vision, and we are grateful for their confidence and partnership.”

“Our mandate is to translate science into products that will change the way people live – paradigm-shifting innovation at the convergence of physical and life sciences,” said Stephen Bruso of Morningside Ventures. “By approaching disorders of the central nervous system using the natural signaling of the brain rather than focusing on one target and one receptor, we believe the Neuroelectrics approach could succeed in indications where traditional pharmaceuticals have had limited or no impact.”

Neuroelectrics’ Starstim® platform uniquely integrates three key components:

  • a multi-channel head-piece for brain monitoring and targeted neuromodulation
  • personalized treatment protocols based on extensive neuroscience research, data science, and the patient’s own physiological and anatomical data
  • a cloud-based system for safe and controlled delivery of treatment protocols in the home setting

This proprietary platform technology has been utilized in hundreds of clinical studies by leading neuroscience research institutions worldwide.

Neuroelectrics leverages advances in neuroscience and cutting-edge data science to understand and treat the brain. The Starstim platform is powered by more than a decade of continuously improving algorithms from which comprehensive, personalized brain models and treatment plans can be derived.

“Our approach is science-based and computational, bringing together the data-driven physical science of the brain with established neuroscience principles and research. We believe many brain disorders can be addressed computationally with model-driven neuromodulation to the benefit of those with brain dysfunction,” said Giulio Ruffini, PhD, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Neuroelectrics.