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Receptor Life Sciences Announces Publication of Proof-of-Principle Clinical Pharmacokinetics Study of RLS103

SEATTLE– Receptor Life Sciences (RLS), a pharmaceutical company developing innovative therapies to address central nervous system disorders, announced the publication of a manuscript in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The paper reports cannabidiol (CBD) pharmacokinetics (PK) in healthy volunteers following inhalation of RLS103, an investigational inhaled dry powder CBD. RLS103 is being developed for the treatment of performance anxiety in patients with social anxiety disorder (SAD), and acute panic in patients with panic disorder.

This PK study demonstrated that RLS103 facilitates immediate CBD delivery to the bloodstream with peak concentrations that are 71-fold greater than oral CBD on a dose-adjusted basis at approximately 3.8 minutes. The overall systemic exposure, adjusted for dose, was 9-fold greater than that following oral administration because inhalation delivery bypasses hepatic first-pass metabolism. RLS103 delivered CBD with an efficiency 7-fold greater than a vaporizer.

“Based on the PK profile, RLS103 has the potential to be the first-in-class immediate-acting CBD product for time-of-need indications like performance anxiety and acute panic,” said Andrea Leone-Bay, PhD, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Receptor Life Sciences. “Currently, there are no FDA approved treatment options available for these patients.”

RLS103 is a drug-device combination product based on the Technosphere® dry powder inhalation system licensed from MannKind Corporation. The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a peer-reviewed scientific journal focused on pharmacology and related biotechnology research. It has been a premier journal in the field for over 100 years. Receptor’s manuscript can be viewed at “Improved Bioavailability with Dry Powder Cannabidiol Inhalation: A Phase 1 Clinical Study”, Orrin Devinsky, MD; Kelly Kraft, PhD; Lorraine Rusch, PhD; Melanie Fein, MD; Andrea Leone-Bay, PhD.”

Panic disorder affects about 5.4 million adults in the United States, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Social Anxiety Disorder affects about 15 million adults in the U.S. and is the second-most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorder (

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