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WEconnect Health Management Gives Free Access to the More Than 70 Million Americans Dealing with Substance Misuse and Mental Health Issues

SEATTLE– WEconnect Health Management today announced the availability of their new free app, WEconnect Recovery, designed to support the more than 70 million Americans dealing with substance misuse and mental health issues. WEconnect Recovery is an update to the addiction recovery app that expands access to everybody, supporting members’ journey towards long-term recovery.

WEconnect was founded by individuals in long-term recovery for people in recovery, with the mission to support individuals and their loved ones who live with substance use disorders (SUDs) and mental health issues. The app provides the broadest suite of support tools and allows members to track days of sobriety, care visits, establish a daily routine and attend recovery meetings on their mobile device.

“We work with a number of health plans, but this issue is too big to limit access. SUDs and mental health issues impact millions of Americans and cost businesses globally more than $1 trillion a year so we decided to open our app to anybody and everybody questioning their relationship with any substance and give them the chance to seek support,” said WEconnect CEO and co-founder Daniela Luzi Tudor. “Our app offers a safe place to find support and helps our members find a group of people from around the world to build a community and hold themselves accountable on their path to recovery.”

With pandemic restrictions from COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control saw an increase in individuals with SUDs, with 40% of U.S. adults reporting mental health symptoms or having started or increased substance use to cope. WEconnect, in partnership with organizations including Unity Recovery, Alano Club of Portland, SOS Recovery and Recovery Link, responded by offering free mobile recovery meetings hosted by certified peer specialists from all over the country who are trained to provide peer support virtually.

Key features of WEconnect Recovery include:

  • My Day – allows members to build and track recovery routines for support and self-care as well as offer suggested routines
  • Mobile recovery support meetings – held throughout the day to accommodate every schedule, with discussions led by peer recovery support specialists who have firsthand experience and understand what members are going through
  • Specialized support meetings – for harm reduction, women, family members supporting individuals living with an SUD and the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Recovery insights and notifications – track engagement with the app and keep members engaged and motivated.

“Substance use disorder manifests in many different ways and there is not always a traditional path towards recovery,” said Murphy Jensen, co-founder and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at WEconnect. “We are changing the old, insufficient ways people have had to use to address these issues and are removing the barriers to help. Our app provides the right level of support for you – from people actively struggling with SUDs, to family members of these individuals, to folks who are recovery curious. Recovery does not always mean abstinence, and we can help even if you just want to moderate your behavior.”

For people in Illinois, Texas, Washington and California, and select other areas nationwide, there may be additional support with premium features for members of select health plans, Medicare advantage, Medicaid and select providers, including:

  • Comprehensive one-on-one support from peer recovery specialists
  • Full contingency management, such as a rewards program that incentivizes members for building habits that support their recovery and reaching recovery milestones

The app first launched in 2016 and currently more than 600,000 people are using the app or the groups to help with their recovery and moderation journey.

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