Door Handle That Sanitizes with Every Touch To Debut on World Hand Hygiene Day – May 5

Door Handle That Sanitizes with Every Touch To Debut on World Hand Hygiene Day – May 5 (Photo: Business Wire)

PHOENIX– The common door handle is a “super spreader” of germs and viruses. Most of us will do anything possible to avoid touching one since the outbreak of COVID-19. But what if touching a door handle could actually prevent the spread of germs and viruses? Now it can.

Just in time to celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day (May 5, 2022) announced by the World Health Organization (WHO), Phoenix-based VitaTouch has launched an innovative self-dispensing door handle. It automatically dispenses hand sanitizer into the palm of your hand with every pull, eliminating up to 99% of germs and viruses every time the door is opened.

The VitaTouch Sanitizing Door Handle solves three significant issues related to hand hygiene: people not washing their hands properly, people not washing their hands often enough, and people needing to change their behavior to sanitize at remote, free-standing devices.

It was launched in direct response to safety concerns about hand hygiene arising out of COVID-19. Both the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stress that clean hands are the best defense against disease spread. This handle is highly engineered to be durable for high-traffic areas such as entrance doors, hallways and bathrooms in public buildings. And because sticky residue is a primary reason for avoiding hand-sanitizer, the VitaTouch Sanitizing Door Handle delivers a luxurious feel that dries quickly without residue. In independent tests by a research lab, the VitaTouch door handled scored 8+ (out of ten) for user experience.

“Organizations are seeking ways to best protect their employees and customers. The VitaTouch Sanitizing Door Handle visibly demonstrates a company’s commitment to creating a climate and culture of safety,” said VitaTouch CEO Mike Rafko.

The product will be sold to commercial building owners, facility managers and chief safety officers in public-facing markets such as event venues, cruise lines, higher education, restaurants and hospitality, and commercial businesses. It is available in two options: The VitaTouch Replacement Handle, designed to replace existing pull-handles in less than 15 minutes with existing hardware; and the VitaTouch Retrofit Handle, which can be affixed above an existing handle with commercial-grade adhesive tape. Neither handle requires batteries or any power source to operate.