MDClone Launches the Only Synthetic Data Platform for Life Science RWE Project Collaboration

Robi Wartenfeld

BE’ER SHEVA, Israel– MDClone, a digital health company and the leader in synthetic data, today announced the launch of The MDClone Connect Platform, an innovative workspace enabling cross-organizational collaboration with dynamic access to 50+ million synthetic patient records.

Uniting life sciences, tech companies, and other third-party organizations with leading health systems worldwide, the Connect Platform will allow users to securely and efficiently work together on projects that will streamline product development, improve operational and patient outcomes, and strengthen best practices to accelerate healthcare innovation together.

MDClone offers partners robust, detailed data for thorough end-to-end real-world analysis. Using MDClone’s existing ADAMS analytics tools and synthetic data capabilities, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals can explore healthcare data efficiently to accelerate real-world evidence processes. With synthetic data capabilities at the forefront, users leverage self-service tools to access, analyze, and share information without privacy concerns.

“We built the Connect Platform to address the growing need to connect health systems with life science and other third-party organizations who are seeking faster approaches to discovery. These organizations require rich data and partners to develop, evaluate, and implement new findings. With the platform, we provide access to the full payload of EHR and clinical data repositories while protecting the privacy of patients and organizations above all else. As the industry leader in synthetic data, combined with our forward-thinking approaches to self-service data exploration, we offer a unique solution to get usable, granular data to power RWE projects in record time,” explains MDClone’s Robi Wartenfeld, CMO, VP Product Strategy.

The Connect Platform is the underlying technology that enables a thriving collaborative called The Global Network, which provides more than 30 years of unmatched data granularity for project exploration and research expertise from more than 15 health systems in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. Available data includes: patient demographics, procedures, diagnostics, lab results, medications, physician notes, pathology reports, patient surveys, genetic markers, imaging results, utilization and cost data, social determinants of health, and administrative documentation.