Startpage Launches Escape Route to Protect Women’s Health Browsing

Introducing the new feature Escape Route (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES– Startpage, a privacy technology company, today announced the release of their new feature, Escape Route. For 16 years Startpage has provided private search as well as protection from websites, advertisers, and the government. Now, with Escape Route, users can also protect their browsing from anyone that may be viewing their screen, within the Startpage Privacy Protection extension.

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade, many Americans may start to feel unsafe or exposed when visiting a site. Maybe they’re on a public computer, or somewhere where others could walk in and see their screen. Perhaps they’re searching for sensitive women’s health information. Escape Route can help protect against these uncomfortable or even dangerous situations.

With the Privacy Protection extension installed, quickly activate Escape Route by doing either of the following:

– Tap esc key 3 times and it will temporarily blur the current tab.
– Tap esc key 4 times and it will close the current tab and replace it with a fresh tab.

And just like that, whatever you were looking at is gone. “It’s never been so easy to protect your computer screen privacy, even in your own home,” said Startpage’s General Manager Alexandra Kubiak. “Startpage has always offered tools to shield from online tracking, but we wanted to go a step further to physically protect our users anywhere – on an airplane, a library computer, or simply in a shared home environment.”

Escape Route is available for free in the latest version of the Startpage Privacy Protection extension ( on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. The extension also blocks creepy trackers/cookies and enables Startpage’s private search.