HNI Healthcare, a leader in value-based care, is awarded three patents for innovations that transform how hospitalists manage inpatient episodes

VitalsMD® harnesses real-time, physician-generated data to provide analytics, reporting, communication, and a knowledge base to support value-based clinical decisions at the point of care. (Photo: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas– HNI Healthcare (HNI), a technology-enabled practice management company, expands its patent portfolio. The patents cover HNI’s data aggregation and mining techniques, key performance indicator calculations, and concurrent coding methodologies used within their proprietary software suite, VitalsMD®.

“With the rapid evolution of both healthcare and technology, our team remains focused on providing relevant, user-friendly tools that address the needs of patients, hospitals, physicians, and payors,” said Merced Gonzales, Chief Technology Officer of HNI Healthcare. “Our tools are actionable and have proven to be successful in delivering better clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. We are committed to value-based care and will continue to invest in tools that ensure our providers can make the best decisions at the bedside.”

VitalsMD® leverages advanced analytics to support physician workflow and clinical decisions – guiding physicians to accurately document patient acuity, generate care plans, and predict transitions of care. VitalsMD® is critical to value-based care’s triple aim – care, health, and cost.