Lunaphore Webinar to highlight real-world implementation of COMET™ at SciLifeLab

The TMA and antibodies were provided by Atlas Antibodies. (Photo: SciLifeLab)

LAUSANNE, Switzerland– Lunaphore, a Swiss life sciences company developing technology to enable spatial biology in every laboratory, today announced it will host a virtual scientific talk in partnership with Labroots on October 21, 2021, about spatial “omics” methods as a laboratory service. Dr. Charlotte Stadler, Head of the National Spatial Proteomics Facility and platform coordination officer for the Spatial and Single Cell Biology Platform at SciLifeLab, a world-renowned institute in Sweden focused on the advancement of molecular biosciences, will discuss the incorporation of spatial proteomics technologies in service laboratory workflows. The talk will focus on how her facility is utilizing COMET™, Lunaphore’s all-in-one staining and imaging platform for high-throughput, hyperplex immunofluorescence, to explore the cellular landscape across several tissue types.

In the webinar, Dr. Stadler will discuss multiplexed spatial proteomics using sequential immunofluorescence and show results obtained with COMET™. The Spatial and Single Cell Biology (SSCB) platform at SciLifeLab expects to fully integrate COMET™ into its workflow and offer it as a service next year.

“The COMET™ system allows for systematic development of multiplexed panels for a variety of tissues,” said Dr. Stadler. “Using sequential indirect immunofluorescence, one’s existing set of validated primary antibodies can be optimized and used in a multiplexed manner.”

“Our work with SciLifeLab to integrate COMET™ into their service laboratory workflows is a key step in our mission to bring spatial biology into every laboratory,” said Déborah Heintze, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Lunaphore. “We are excited to work with Dr. Stadler and her team as they implement COMET™ for large-scale use.”

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