Theradiag: Signing of a Distribution Agreement with BIOSYNEX of Their AMPLIQUICK SARS-CoV-2 PCR Test


STRASBOURG, France & CROISSY-BEAUBOURG, France– THERADIAG (ISIN : FR0004197747, Mnémonique : ALTER), a company specializing in in vitro diagnostics of autoimmune diseases and theranostics, and BIOSYNEX (ISIN : FR0011005933, Mnémonique : ALBIO), leader on the Rapid Diagnostic Test market in France, announce the signing of a distribution agreement.

Following acquisition of shares on the market and its participation in THERADIAG’s rights issue in November 20211, BIOSYNEX held 2,468,932 shares on November 29, 2021, representing 18.82% of THERADIAG’s capital2.

Within this context, constructive discussions have taken place between the management of BIOSYNEX and THERADIAG with the aim of identifying areas of cooperation and performance improvement and implementing specific action plans.

In this respect, an initial two-year distribution agreement was signed between THERADIAG and BIOSYNEX for the AMPLIQUICK SARS-CoV-2 PCR test from BIOSYNEX, which will be promoted in hospitals by THERADIAG, which benefits from a strong presence in hospitals, and in particular in the vast majority of University Hospitals.

As an extension of this first contract, BIOSYNEX and THERADIAG intend to explore the possibilities of developing joint projects.

In addition, it is already envisaged that the Board of Directors of THERADIAG will include a representative of BIOSYNEX whose appointment will be submitted to the vote of the shareholders at the latest at the next THERADIAG General Meeting.