Biobarica: Worldwide Leaders in Hyperbaric Treatments


MIAMI– Biobarica is the number one company in the manufacture of high-quality hyperbaric chambers. Professionals around the world decided to be part of Biobarica and join the largest global network of treatment centers that develop Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Every day more professionals decide to incorporate a non-invasive treatment for the recovery of their patients. Today Biobarica has a success rate of 90% and counts with more than 750 centers in 35 countries, where 250,000 patients with different pathologies have been treated.

Hyperbaric medicine treatment has achieved customer satisfaction by accelerating patient recovery by 50% and 60% in relation to conventional treatments. With the incorporation of the hyperbaric chamber, professionals not only get a new treatment in their office but also add a tool that allows the physician to duplicate the attention for their patients, enhancing their current services.

Revitalair 430F is a medium pressure hyperbaric chamber, a medical device in which the patient breathes high concentrations of oxygen through a mask in a pressurized environment at 1.45 ATA. This increases the concentration and availability of oxygen in blood plasma and produces strong hyperoxia that generates different beneficial physiological effects.

Their hyperbaric chamber is certified as a medical device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It stands out for the unique characteristics that make it the largest and most versatile single-seat hyperbaric chamber of its kind. The pressurization and depressurization are the fastest in the market since it is completed in only 3 minutes. Its removable stretcher facilitates the entry of patients with reduced mobility.

It is easy to transport, install and operate in any office or health care institution. You will acquire not only a hyperbaric chamber but also an online platform. This application has a variety of tools such as an appointment system, training with official certifications, downloadable materials, a scientific library, and the latest news about hyperbaric medicine. Biobarica offers the most complete system which makes them the best-ranked company in hyperbaric chambers.

Biobarica is doing a hard and constant job, to improve health worldwide. They stand out for being the ones who are democratizing hyperbaric medicine. They are currently expanding and looking to add distributors who want to enter the healthcare business, with innovative profiles and ambition to grow professionally.